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About Clear Waters Coaching


During my HR career, I noticed the impact that coaching can have on others, both as individuals and as a team. While corporate coaching is beneficial for a team environment, it’s important to focus on an individual’s self. Once an individual learns to stop surviving and start thriving they are able to achieve fulfillment in all aspects of their life.

At CWC we recognize that life isn’t perfect, and sometimes you’ll be in over your head, but together we can work towards making that water calm and clear. By asking the right questions and working with you to define your vision, we can create a plan that will deliver measurable results and ultimately propel you to live your purpose.

CWC method of coaching is inspired by the Wiser model and follows the ICF code of ethics. We have a unique system of tools and community resources that set us apart and focus on an all-encompassing coaching experience. The combination of HR experience, coaching software, education, and life experience has conspired to create a comprehensive method focused on showing measurable results.

Founded in South Austin, Clear Waters Coaching is a socially responsible business. Founder Gabriela Paniagua is firm believer that each individual is unique and necessitates a different coaching strategy, but believes that fulfillment can be achieved by nourishing your mind, body, spirit, and heart and living a well-balanced life.

About Gabriela


Gabriela Paniagua is a multilingual Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certified in Life Coach CLC, Business Coach CBC, and has her International Coach Federation certification. With more than 15 years’ Human Resources experience in various industries like Healthcare and Technology, Gabriela began coaching in a practical atmosphere in addition to her regular work duties.

After obtaining her degree in I/O Psychology from the Universidad del Noreste in Mexico, Gabriela immigrated to the United States and has since worked for several impactful companies, including Stryker Spine, Apple,VMware, and even held her dream job as an HR Leader at Whole Foods Market Global Headquarters. Through her life, she has had to learn to cope with and embrace the unknown. Unhappy with her life in New Jersey and shocked by the sudden loss of her father, she moved to Austin with nothing. It was in Austin where she truly embraced the power of visioning and began a daily meditation and Yoga practice that helped her begin living her life according to her true purpose.

Coaching was a natural extension of several roles Gabriela held over the years. In a corporate setting, she was able to observe the benefits of leadership coaching, and see where coaching would have been a practical solution to office strife. It was while she was working her dream job at Whole Foods Market that Gabriela realized that coaching, which made up the largest percentage of her role, was her favorite part of the job. Recognizing the impact she could have on others, Gabriela left her dream job to start her own company and obtain her Professional Coaching Certification.

Gabriela founded Clear Waters Coaching based out of Austin, Texas with the aim to help people to stop surviving and start thriving.

Our Team


Martin Cowen


Health & Fitness Coach

Martin Cowen has been into health and fitness since he was 15. With over 20 yrs of experience he is taking his hobby and knowledge to help others.

He’s certified through the national council of certified personal trainers (N.C.C.P.T) in personal training ground fitness, and nutritional guidance. He is currently opening he’s own studio in North Austin where the goal of the company is to not have anyone plateau. Also he wants fitness to be fun again. So much so that his signature exercise program can be done in 30 minutes and will burn over 800 calories. He is devoted to helping others reach there maximum potential, through positive motivation, knowledge, and focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t. He is well versed in 6 different styles of training, and mixes then all up to confuse the body. Giving you the desired results.

Stina Devi Eriksson


Internationally Known Writer, Healer and Mindfulness Teacher

Stina Devi Eriksson is an internationally known writer, healer and Mindfulness teacher. With a degree in Bioenergetic & Informational Medicine along with studies in neurobiology, anatomy and physiology as well as ancient traditional healing modalities from around the world she provides coaching uniquely tailored for each client.

It was after the life changing event of a loved one being killed in a car accident that she discovered healing methods from Japan, Tibet and Russia that helped her see the bigger picture. That what really matters is to be fully alive. To live fully is to Love fully, she says, and we can only Love fully in the present moment. Our past has memories of love and our future is tainted by fantasies about love, but if we don´t learn how to be present in the moment we may find that we when something life-changing happens we feel like time has passed us by and we wonder, judge and experience feelings of guilt. This can be very painful. Life is a precocious gift and our time is our most valuable currency.

After studying the human body and how energy and mind affects the systems in the body she came to find Mindfulness as a path to help others Live and Love fully. To be able to do that, she says, one must be willing to be with and to be in allowance of all that arises without judging it. Judgment keeps the doors shut to opportunity. And we are so much more that we could ever imagine. The key is to discover that we are not our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings - they may seem real but they are not always true. During the last 3 years, she has also studied Buddhism and Buddhist psychology approach to life. “If we can truly Know, in our mind and heart that we are the awareness that perceives we no longer get caught up in what we believe is going on. Then we can be free and create what we came here to create in order to live and love fully. To let go of what we don´t need to hold on to and contribute to the wellness and care about ourselves and others.”

Stina is dedicated to spreading the wisdom of our basic goodness. “If we have that platform, the platform in our hearts, that we are basically good, that there is nothing we need to redeem and that the present moment is the mother of the next moment, then we can be open to see what we are creating and the outcome of it. That doesn´t mean that we cannot have emotions like anger or resentment arise, they too are a part of life. It merely means that we learn to not act in a way that creates more suffering, for ourselves and for others, the best way we can in the present moment. And to not judge our past selves but to embrace our shortcomings with warm loving kindness. So many of us in the west have the feeling of unworthiness within that colors our view about who we are and what we need to achieve in order to be ok. We need to, she continues, start to embrace ourselves with care and kindness and open up to the grandeur of life. Everything is energy and everything can be shifted through the presence of Loving Kindness and allowance. It is a matter of feeling connected and perceiving the bigger picture of the True Self that includes so many more levels of us that we are not always aware of.



Help People to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving