My New Journey

I’ve embarked on a new journey.  This one doesn’t include my suitcase or a flight to some exciting new place.  No, this one is a journey to clean up my dirty habits.  My eating habits, that is.

I signed up for a 30 day clean eating challenge.  I tend to do a terrible job sticking with an eating plan or having someone tell me what I can or cannot eat.  So I was reluctant to sign up but something was calling my name.  There is a group online supporting me and holding me accountable, providing tips and tricks along with recipes.  What the heck, I told myself, I can do anything for 30 days.

I receive the starter kit, next come the supplements and then the do’s and don’ts.  After reading what I can’t have, I start to wonder how I will ever survive a full 30 days.   You mean I can’t eat cheese, start my day with a jolt of coffee or even have a drink at happy hour??  Crap, did I make the wrong decision?  Deep breath, I can’t drop out now, I haven’t even started.

Stay tuned for true stories and what I hope are encouraging words along the way.

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