I see results

It is funny how you can go months and months with no change and then all of a sudden so much change happens over night. About three weeks ago, we got a second dog and it has seemed to change so much of the way I go about my daily life now.

When I started this health change journey, my eventual goal at the end of the 12 weeks was 30 min of walking every day. During the adoption process, we were asked how much exercise we will give him. I told them I go on 30 min walks every day and they in return asked if I would consider giving adding an additional 30 mins as he needed 30-60 min a day leaning towards the 60 mins. I had been looking into changing up my work out as the walking had started to become easier and I had started running in order to change things up. So this would be a great way to make sure I don’t get in a rut. He has become the best motivation and won’t allow me to decide to sleep in. Once my alarm goes off in the morning, before I can turn it off the alarm I have his face next to mine and a tail wagging saying in a very impatient way, “get up it is time to go out, get up!!”

Every day I have to take our new dog on a walk/run for 30 min. Followed by another 10-30 min walk with the other dog as she is more of a walker and is scared of the dark. After this, I go to work at the University and get off a couple of stops before my actual stop and walk about 15 min through campus. Then during the evening, I take both dogs out for a 20-30 min walk. My movement has increased from 30 min a couple of times a week to a little over an hour all the way up to almost two. I have to say looking at that now as I am writing this, I am really impressed with myself.

I have experienced a very small taste of endorphins or a runner’s high. I have so much energy right now that I have a hard time sitting at my desk at work, I want to bounce around. To curb this energy, I have started taking the stairs. I work on the 3rd floor of a building so it isn’t too much right now but just enough. The building has 7 floors and a basement and as my stamina gets stronger I will have plenty of stairs to climb.

As for my diet, there have been some unintended changes. Dr. Pepper and bread are my two biggest pleasures. My goals never included giving these up or cutting back, but as my tastes got used to my new way of eating; I am finding them less enjoyable to have. Soda is too sweet and chemically tasting and bread is seems dry. While I am sad at the loss of these, I am glad that I am willing and easily gave them up.  Things haven’t been perfect, though. I still struggle with my daily cheats, which right now consist of a sugary coffee.  I have been decreasing the amount of syrup being added and went from a 16oz to a 12oz. I also find that when there are things like cakes or cookies that they are hard to resist. I hope that at some point my sweet tooth decrease but I keep getting back on track and starting fresh each new day.

I have seen many changes so far. On the scale currently, I am down 21lbs. Clothes that used to be a little tight or just fit are now either fitting better or becoming too large. I have gone down one size in my pants and my new pants are getting larger and making me a master plumber. I should probably buy a belt. Other changes are; I sleep better but this could also be due to getting a CPAP machine but either way I have more energy.  Even if I don’t see the changes on the scale that I would like too, I really like the energy I have and maybe someday I will have something close to what my son currently has.

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