Revenge or forgiveness?

My parents didn’t have much time for me when I needed to learn about dealing with life, people, values. Well, television did!
So I started with revenge. That was an easy lesson, coming from so many teachers. How I loved those teachers! They spoke with American accent, their lives were in black and white (we didn’t have color tv in Portugal in those times), they worked in Hollywood! That’s right, I started with revenge because that was what American movies taught me. Revenge was a beautiful thing! When the main character was trying to achieve his goals I, like every child in the world, was always rooting for him. “I hope he kills the bad guy!” Everybody wants the hero to kill the bad guy, right? So the hero is the good guy, right? Wrong! A good guy doesn’t seek revenge. A God guy knows the importance of forgiveness. Tell that to a child mesmerized by a TV set! Or… tell that to an adult not mesmerized by anything!
After thousands of movies I was ready to face the world. I was ready to start working in a bank for an evil boss. How should I have had reacted to all the atrocities that seemed to amuse this guy so much? The only way I knew, of course!
I was a master of revenge! I used to spend my days conspiring, contriving, weaving, woofing, scheming, slandering, backbiting. I even try to hire a gipsy pothead to beat him up but nothing seemed to work. I was always trying to get out of that pool of hate but I kept drowning in infested waters.
After 26 years of hell, I was exhausted, weak, ill. But then something strange happened in my brain and I decided to forgive my boss! I scheduled a meeting with him and told him how sorry I was for all the slandering and scheming. I also thanked him for all the things that he taught me. Now I could say that I was a better man thanks to him. And he knew now how organized, disciplined, punctual, patient and hardworking I was. He felt my honesty and for the first time I could see him as a human being, imperfect like me, like everyone else. We became good friends after that meeting but, much better than that, two months later, I could finally leave that job with a pension. Not bad for a change of heart..

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