Are you looking for God?

I was looking for God when I flew to India for an adventure of nine months. I didn’t find Him! 

But I found monks, nuns, and lots of different people living happily because they’d already found Him. I felt a little jealous, I confess. I wanted to feel that joy so badly that I meditated for hours, days, months…

But I couldn’t find Him!

So I returned to my small country and gave up (probably the best thing I could do).

Then one day, feeling lonely and a little depressed, I thought that I should just meditate to feel better.

It was cold and windy in the forest, but I knew I had to be strong, I had to do this.

After a few hours of deep meditation, I made the greatest discovery of my life. Traumatic scenes from my past were smoothly crossing my mind like music videos without sound, in slow motion but incredibly fast, with no words but totally explained. My brain wasn’t used to so much awareness. I felt like a cerebral superhero.

Suddenly I realized that behind all the events in my life, including the most traumatic, there’s a powerful energy that coordinates everything so I can grow as a human and as a spiritual being. Easily I deduced: “that energy is what people call God!”

It was so easy…

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